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We are a Core Values Company

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Rocky Mountain Restoration Team

We Care

At RMR team members are passionate about the help they offer, both to their team as well as the customers they serve. They genuinely want to offer help and be accepting of others help. They are committed to providing a high level of care to the customers of RMR. They not only want to restore properties, they want to restore the lives of the people who have experienced an unexpected disaster in their life.

Be Humble

RMR team members never consider themselves to be the “smartest person in the room”, as they know that they always have something they can learn from others. Being humble means that a person knows their strengths as well as weaknesses. They are willing to give help, as well as receive help from others, in the form of training, coaching, etc. They are excited to learn the RMR way to doing business and open to new ways of thinking and acting.

Take Ownership

Taking ownership means taking 100% responsibility for your roles. People who take ownership are reliable, take great pride in what they do, and basically just can be counted on to get things done. When there is nothing to do, they find something productive to do that benefits their role or the organization.

Get It Done

The Right Person at RMR takes their commitments seriously. They understand that their actions impact the success of other team members, and when they don’t Get it Done, it also impacts the team. This may require the person to be creative and work a little harder to produce the needed outcome.

Be Positive & Fun

A majority of persons life is spent at work, so it might as well be enjoyed! Moods and attitudes are contagious, and its important that RMR team members are a positive influence for their team as well as customers. People who are fun to work with have a high EQ- they know how to be appropriate around people and are generally positive people.